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12 April 2012 @ 02:07 pm
Title: Healing
Pairings: YooSu/implied YunJae/MinSu!bff
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: smut scene, underaged!Junsu (well not THAT much!), demon!Yoochun
Genre: romance, fluff, smut 
Summary: Yoochun needs to find his mate in order to be able to heal fully...

A/N: I was trying to finish this fic since March so please give it a chance ^^ 

Yunho was pacing up and down the hallway, incredibly worried about his lord. Jaejoong was still in the room with him, trying to feed him some food. Yoochun was refusing to eat for the last two days. He was weak and the high fever was breaking him down even more.

“Jaejoong!” the man exclaimed when his mate got out of the room at the end of the huge hallway, “How is he?”

Jaejoong waited till he was in front of Yunho and sighed in frustration. “He keeps refusing to eat! Yun, what are we going to do? I am afraid that he will end up losing his powers.”

Yunho’s eyes widened in shock “What? How is that possible?”

“It is possible because he still hasn’t found his mate. Without the bond keeping him strong in situations like that, I am afraid he won’t make it.”

“Then let’s keep searching for his mate!” Yunho suggested, determined to help his lord.

“If you can convince him then it would be great but he is so stubborn. Today he was mumbling nonsense that he doesn’t have a mate and that he will die alone.”

Yunho shook his head, not approving. “That’s serious! He’s hurting himself.”

“I know baby, I know!” Jaejoong lowered his head admitting the gravity of the situation.

“Can I visit him? Maybe if I talk to him he will change his mind.”

Jaejoong smiled bitterly, “You can try but let him have his bath first. I will send the human servants to help him.”

“Maybe hot water will help him clear his mind! I’ll be waiting.”



The boy leaned the rake against a nearby wall and watched his best friend, running towards him.

“Junsu! You have to hurry!”

“What?” he whispered under his breath, wondering why Changmin was upset.

“Why are you still here?” Changmin yelled at him and tried to catch his breath.

“Yah, what’s wrong?” he put his hands on his waist and hit his leg on the floor demanding.

Changmin took a few quick breaths and then relaxed. “You know that lord Yoochun is sick, right?”

Junsu frowned, “Of course I do. I am dead worried about him. Did something happen?”

“No! Well not exactly.”

“Why can’t you just tell me?”

“Master Jaejoong ordered Taeyeon noona to help our Lord have his bath.”

“What?” Junsu pouted, “That’s not fair!”

“Shut up and listen!” Changmin hissed, “Noona is scared of Lord Yoochun and she‘s trying to find a person to help her. Junsu yah, that’s you!”

“But what if she has already found someone?” Junsu panicked.

“Do you know any human who’s not afraid of Lord Yoochun? Nobody is going to accept such an important task. Taking care of him now that his fragile… what if they do something wrong? They’ll be dead!”

“That’s true!” Junsu mumbled, “That’s true! Then that means I have a chance!”

“If you hurry!” Changmin corrected and almost fell on the ground when Junsu ran towards the castle.

It was finally his chance! Junsu wanted to meet their lord since he was a little kid. People were talking about him all the time and Junsu was so curious. Some servants were describing him as the most handsome creature on the planet. Some others were insisting that he was really scary. Junsu wanted to see by himself.

He didn’t really know what to expect but he was sure it would be thrilling to finally meet him.

So now that this chance appeared, he would grab it no matter how difficult the task should be. There was indeed the danger of doing something wrong or something that Lord Yoochun might not like but he didn’t care. He would be as careful as he could and he would please him. Especially now that he was sick, Junsu was determined to make him feel better.

“Noona!” Junsu almost screamed the moment he saw Taeyeon. “Noona, I need to talk to you!”

Taeyeon shook her head furiously, “Not now Junsu! I am really busy.”

“Have you found anyone who can help Lord Yoochun take his bath?” he ignored her.

Taeyeon stopped walking, “No! Are you, perhaps, interested in helping me?”

Junsu smiled and nodded, “I heard that nobody was helping Taeyeon noona so I thought I should take you out off this difficult situation!”

Taeyeon’s bright smile blinded Junsu. “Aw Junsu! I promise to pay you back you back the favor!”

“Don’t worry about it!” Junsu waved at her, “Just tell me which room.”

“Third floor, the last room in the big hallway.”


As the distance was getting smaller and smaller, Junsu’s heart was beating faster and faster. Finally, only a few meters were keeping him from meeting his Lord. Finally after all the years living in this castle, he had the chance to talk to him and touch him of course.

Since he was born, he was taught that he should be loyal to their scary lords no matter what but Junsu had this feeling that Lord Yoochun would be different. Sometimes, after other servants would finish their stories about meeting him, Junsu was trying to imagine how his first meeting with him would be but now that it was the time, his mind had shut down.

He froze in front of the door, trying to breathe. He was having trouble to keep his feelings in order. He couldn’t tell which was stronger, excitement or fear…

His hand finally turned into fist, ready to knock the door but before he could make it, a voice stopped him.

“Do you plan on staying outside my door forever? Come in already.”

Junsu jumped from his place. His Lord knew that he was standing there and he shouldn’t be surprised. After all he was a member of the greatest demon clan. Their powers were impressive.

Hesitantly, he opened the door and made his way into the room, gasping at the very first sight of the man on the huge bed, right across the door.

He should have bowed. Junsu knew he should have but that moment it was impossible for him to do it. It was impossible to tear his gaze from the creature lying in front of him.

Lord Yoochun had nothing to do with what everyone described him to be. A man unlike any he had ever encountered. He was so beautifully different! He seemed weak but Junsu could guess that was because he was sick but other than that he could tell that he was the typical example of a lean, male demon. A few bangs of his long, black, wavy hair were falling in front of his eyes, the same violet eyes that held him captive from beneath beautiful, long eyelashes. Strange black designs like tattoos were embellishing his toned body. Junsu recognized them immediately. They were the proof that Yoochun was a Lord. Only demons coming from his clan had these designs.

Breathtaking, gorgeous…

“Where are your manners, human?” Yoochun’s weak but strict voice startled Junsu, “is it your first time seeing a demon?”

Junsu’s eyes widened in realization of what he was really doing and made a 90 degrees bow. “I-I am truly sorry, my lord. To be honest I’ve met demon masters before but I’d never met a demon of your clan. I was quite surprised.”

To Junsu’s relief, Yoochun laughed. “I sensed that. I may be weak but I am strong enough to be able to sense humans.”

“I would never doubt your powers, my lord.”

“Of course you wouldn’t! So why are you here?”

Junsu took a deep breath and straightened his body but kept his eyes low on the floor. “I am here to help you bath. My name is Kim Junsu, one of your servants.”

“Oh, then you should go prepare the water, Junsu.”

Junsu nodded and bowed again. “I’ll be quick, my lord!”

Yoochun watched as Junsu walked in the bathroom and chuckled. That kid was amusing and easy to read.

Actually he was too easy to read and Yoochun wondered why. He didn’t even have to try and yet in his weak state, the human feelings were all over him.


He was almost undressed when the kid came back in the room and found him sitting on his bed.

“Wh-what are you doing, my lord?” the words escaped Junsu’s mouth without realizing and he hid his lips behind his hand unconsciously.

“Do you take a bath with your clothes on?” Yoochun calmly asked and Junsu furiously shook his head.

“No! I apologize for my unnecessary question. I just assumed that you would wait for me to leave you.”

Yoochun snorted. “Kid, do you have any idea why you’re here?”

“Of course! I am here to help you bath.”

“Exactly! To help me bath. That means you’re going to support and wash my weak body. How are you supposed to do that if you leave?”


“What where you expecting?”

“I thought I was going to support you on your way to the bathroom and then wait for you to finish and support you back to your bed, my lord.” Junsu’s cheeks flashed at the image of him washing Yoochun’s body. “I am sorry if I upset you.”

Yoochun started at him oddly, feeling the boy’s embarrassment and sighed.

“Come on, let’s get done with it.” He ordered in annoyance and Junsu rushed at his side without thinking more. He didn’t want to irritate his lord and bring him into a difficult position. Besides his task was even more interesting than the one he thought he was assigned. “I am going to try and walk alone. If I won’t make it, only then you’re going to touch me. Got it?”

“Yes, my lord! I understand.”

No matter what, Yoochun was a proud demon! Of course he wouldn’t allow a human servant to help him if it wasn’t necessary. Junsu remained by his side when Yoochun slowly attempted to stand up. His first attempt failed but when he tried again, he managed to stand.

With a proud smile he took a small step closer to the bathroom and then another and then another. He was really close to the bathroom when he called Junsu.

“Open the door.”

Junsu did as he was told and then hurried back, next to Yoochun. The demon lord touched the door frame and supported his body there, still not asking for his servant’s help.

“Check if the water is still hot.” Yoochun demanded.

“Still hot, my lord.”

“Great!” the demon smiled in satisfaction and made two more steps before completely undressing himself.

Junsu gasped and darted his gaze away from the naked body. He didn’t really have time to think of Yoochun’s nakedness when his panicked voice gained back his attention.

“I’m falling.” Yoochun warned loudly and Junsu thankfully caught him on time, a few inches before the floor.

That was when they both felt it. It was like a wave of electricity had just hit them. Yoochun locked eyes with the young servant. Suddenly, an odd burning flared low in his belly, feeling sharper and more intense than he’d ever encountered. Confused he searched for Junsu’s feelings but he only realized that they were mutual.

Junsu’s insides were melting and his body was burning. His eyes rounded further in shock when he saw the intensity of Yoochun’s gaze.

“Junsu…” Yoochun breathed, clutching the young servant’s shirt so hard that he dislodged it from his shoulder. His eyes dropped to the bared skin of his neck, and he could not have mistaken the boy’s hunger at that moment.

It took Junsu two tries before he could say, “My-my lord, I…” but he paused, unable to concentrate. He had lost his voice again.

Yoochun, feeling his energy coming back slowly beamed the first step. The first poured into another and he pressed Junsu against him.

Down on the floor, back to chest, Junsu could feel his body trembling but he didn’t know why. He only knew that this was right. His heart was trying to tell him something but still he couldn’t understand. He just had to follow his lord’s flow. Junsu was willing to do it without wondering why.

“Junsu…,” Yoochun whispered again, “How do you feel?”

“I feel safe, my lord. I feel like I belong in your arms.” The boy closed his eyes, “I am sorry but I can’t control it.”

Then, Yoochun knew! Junsu did belong in his arm. Now that he was holding Junsu he felt like he was home, like he had reached his destination.

Life had just given him his one and only mate.

“What is going on, my lord? Why do I feel like that?” Junsu questioned and Yoochun was more than happy to answer the question.

“You’re mine Kim Junsu.” He stated. “I found you!”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that you’re my mate. You’re my one and only love, my antidote, my cure! Doesn’t your heart speak to you?”

Junsu closed his eyes and rested his head on Yoochun’s shoulder. Yes, his heart was speaking to him and now he could confirm Yoochun’s words. Junsu knew that there would be no other, except that man. He had his heart!

“Is that even possible, my lord?” Junsu asked instead, “A human servant like me… how can I be a match for you?”

“You shouldn’t think about ‘whys’ and ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, life knows best.” Yoochun replied and then smiled in satisfaction, intrigued by the way Junsu’s skin twitched beneath his warm breath. The boy bit back a groan when he touched his tongue to his skin, tasting his neck.

For what seemed like forever, all what Yoochun did was hold him tightly in his arms, enjoying the heat of their bodies. And then finally, he touched Junsu’s chin and slowly turned his face and laid his lips in a butterfly’s touch on the boy’s lips, careful not to scare him.

If it was possible, Yoochun would have already taken him, but he was still weak and Junsu was still confused about everything. So the demon lord, decided to take things slow.

“Relax!” he whispered between their slow kiss, “Feel! Don’t think!”

Junsu nodded and turned his whole body in order to be able to fully face Yoochun. The demon took both of his legs and put them on his sides, on top of his own legs which were on Junsu’s sides. Facing Junsu was even more exciting. He smiled gently, reaching for the boy’s cheek, guiding his lips to his. The boy didn’t protest; instead he worked with him to press their bodies together.

Yoochun could feel Junsu’s need and wished Junsu would be able to feel his as well but he knew this wasn’t going to happen before they bond.

Junsu broke their sweet kiss with a gasp, dropping his head back. Yoochun’s strong arms held him effortlessly. He relaxed, distracting himself by combine his fingers through the demon’s long hair.


The demon smiled at the sound of his name. “Junsu?”

“Should I get you in the bathtub?”

“What?” the demon chuckled with Junsu’s random question.

“I am worried. We’re this long down on the floor and you’re weak. I-I don’t want you to be sick so I want you to have a shower and then go straight to bed.”

That earned a full laugh, which confused Junsu. “Did I say something wrong?”

Yoochun pecked his lips and shook his head. “No! I am just happy that you’re worried about me.”

Junsu tried to hide his blush but failed so he just tried to distract Yoochun.

“I should help you in.”

“Will you join me?”


Yoochun carefully pulled back from him, sliding his hands down his arms until their fingers clasped. He wanted to show how sincere his feelings were. He wanted Junsu to understand how much that bond meant for him. Junsu was his other half; his life mate! He was the only person who could make him feel like this.

The boy glanced at Yoochun. His face was a picture of joyful anticipation, his fears seemingly melted by the heat of the lust between them. Junsu could not deny his feelings. The moment he touched Yoochun, he knew!

He wanted him as much as he could understand Yoochun wanted him. Matching his smile, he helped Yoochun stand and let him guide them into the bathtub.

Yoochun closed the small distance between them, sliding his hands under his shirt. Quickly, he took it off him then made short work of the trousers and underwear he wore. When he was finally, fully exposed to the demon’s gaze, he was overjoyed to find him exactly as he wanted him.

Junsu wasn’t as tall and muscular as demons were but he was great for Yoochun’s taste. Their bodies were matching perfectly well. But of course they would! They were life mates!

Yoochun chuckled at himself and pulled Junsu closer by the waist and kissed him, trying to shove the awkwardness away. Junsu willingly kissed him back. Both trembled when their naked bodies touched.

“Please trust me!” Yoochun broke the kiss, “I need to do this.”

Junsu didn’t say anything but he wasn’t able to hide his panic from Yoochun, who tried to calm him down.

Soft, moist lips trailed the skin of the human’s shoulder to his neck, where Yoochun started to suck on his pulse point. Moaning uncontrollably, he threw his head back a bit to give him better access.

“I trust you!” he finally whispered, getting caught up in sensation.

 Instantly, his long fingers trailed around the boy’s upper body, making him shiver. Junsu’s panic turned into small anticipation. Impatient fingers ran down his length, exploring the softness of the skin. The human was panting; his breath coming in short gasps and sighs.

“I can’t hold back!” Yoochun cried out, “I can’t slow down, Junsu! I can’t now that I found you!”

“D-don’t hold back.”

“I promise you that you will be able to understand exactly how I feel after we bond! You will understand everything.”

“I trust you!” Junsu repeated and rested his forehead against Yoochun’s, assuring him. “I trust you and I want to be with you! I want to be yours.”

His milky white skin was flushed from desire and his chest rose and fell as he panted. His beautiful brown eyes had darkened considerably and were half-lidded as he stared at the demon. Yoochun knew that he was partly responsible for that since he had had a hard time not running his fingers through the boy’s erection.

Yoochun took in a deep breath and let the hot water shower them. He kneeled, leaning forward. He let his tongue come out to lap at the leaking head of Junsu’s burning member, savoring the first taste of his mate’s pre-cum. He was worried for a moment about Junsu’s reaction but when he searched for Junsu’s feelings and felt the waves of pleasure he was relieved.

Gaining more confidence he took half of the human’s cock in his mouth. Once there, he couldn’t stop. Junsu’s feelings were strong enough to make Yoochun impatient. Focusing on his own feelings, he felt a rush of satisfaction flow through him. He was responsible for how Junsu felt. He was the one who was making him writhe in ecstasy. Because Junsu was his! His forever!

Smiling at that thought, he decided to make him feel even better. Over and over, he slid down and sucked up. Somewhere along the way, he reached down to cup the boy’s balls in his hand. That seemed to be distracting enough. Yoochun wondered if it was the right time but he couldn’t even wait anymore…

The moment the tip of the demon’s finger dipped into Junsu’s small hole, he cried out in both pleasure and pain. Yoochun considered the possibility of acting overboard but Junsu did not seem to mind. He was lost in his own world. Yoochun looked up at Junsu. Watching his hair, slicked against his cheek, the drops of water, caressing his pale chest, the way stem raised from the water condensed on his body... and then he looked at those brown eyes, blazing with lust.

He dipped one more finger. Junsu shut his eyes closed tightly and groaned. His trembling hands made their way on Yoochun’s head and grabbed his hair softly, causing the demon to whine.

“Does it hurt?” he asked releasing the angry cock from his mouth.

“It-it does!” Junsu replied, “But please, don’t stop.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.” Yoochun said in determination and tried to pull away but Junsu stopped him.

“Keep going!” he assured him.

Yoochun reached Junsu’s feelings once again. By time he could read the boy even more easily. His powers were coming back with every little touch and since he could sense his need and determination, he decided to make him his.

Orgasm built low in Junsu’s belly, making it impossible for his hips to be still, impossible to contain the short little moans that spilled from his lips. Yoochun seem to be a highly skilled lover, no doubt, with ability to feel his mate’s emotions.

With a shout of joy, Junsu climaxed, spilling down Yoochun’s throat. The man allowed him only a moment to catch his breath before jumping to his feet. Displaying his growing strength, Yoochun pulled Junsu out of the bathtub, he carefully dried him with a towel and grabbed the lube, before leading him on the king-sized bed.

Junsu lay prone and silently waited for the demon. Yoochun fell on him, nudging the boy’s legs even farther apart than he had willingly spread them. The demon leaned forward and caressed Junsu’s back with his lips, causing him to shiver.

Yoochun shoved his hand in the lube and stroked his member.  “I will make you mine Junsu!” he whispered and his fingers spread Junsu’s butt cheeks apart. He took a moment to appreciate the wonderful view and nodded to himself, slowly fitting his cock at the small opening and pushing that first little bit in.

He held back from thrusting fully inside Junsu and carefully he was pushing little by little inside.

Junsu gasped, thrilled as ever to fill the demon lord inside him. He had sex before once and it did feel different. Junsu thought that Yoochun was perfect but suddenly he felt self-conscious. What was Yoochun thinking about him? Was his pitiful human body enough for the lord?

His thoughts were interrupted when Yoochun’s full length was inside him. The hot skin of his groin pressed to Junsu’s ass, his cock deep within his body… and then he moved.

Junsu’s blood rushed through his body and he grabbed the soft bed sheet beneath him for real life, silently hoping that Yoochun was enjoying this as much as he was.

“I love this.” Yoochun felt the need to say aloud. “You still can’t feel my enjoyment as I can feel yours but I can assure you that if my heart could, it would have exploded already. This is more than amazing.”

He pulled out partway, then sank slowly back in, taking his time, nuzzling the back of Junsu’s neck.

“I promise you that after you reach your climax and our bond will be strong, I will be able to share with you anything that you would share with me.”

“Then please, Yoochun” Junsu cried “make me reach my climax!”

Yoochun’s hands closed over Junsu’s, weaving his fingers between his knuckles in a successful attempt to ease that grip.

“I promise you won’t regret this,” he breathed into his ear as he thrust his cock as far as it would go.

By the time Yoochun’s patient thrusts and soft crooning turned to serious rocking and wordless grunts, Junsu’s heart felt raw and exposed and far more open than it ever had before. And then, as orgasm was taking over him there was this daunting and frightening, but oddly nice feeling that confused him. He cried out Yoochun’s name and relaxed his body, fully trusting Yoochun on what do to next.

Afterward, Yoochun lay draped over Junsu’s back like a warm, heavy blanket, silently giving him time to recollect his thoughts. Junsu stared at their hands, still entwined beside his shoulder. He thought he loved Yoochun. It was still too new and frightening for him to say aloud, but something told him that the demon Somehow he could feel that Yoochun loved him as well… somehow he knew that this was the beginning of their forever!

Fail smut is fail! Please don't be too harsh with me! You all should know by now that I focus on feelings more than other details. I apologize if it was sucky! Thanks for reading!

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Yunomuna ^^: AKTFsecretgirlanu on April 18th, 2012 05:15 pm (UTC)
Awwww... Fate, huh? It would be so nice to live forever with the person you're fated to be together. Haha, somehow reminds me of Rooftop Prince, the fate was broken so the Prince was taken from Joseon to Modern Korea, (I assume), kkk.

And there is a saying in my country, "Don't search it at others home, search it from your closet" or sth. My translation fails.

And I can't even type properly since I'm too sleepy. Anyway, I liked the fic. ^^