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16 January 2015 @ 12:37 am
Hello my sweethearts, it's been a while...
I am not even sure if anyone is still watching lj updates but I am going to write this entry anyway! After thinking and longing the days I was posting YooSu fics, I decided that it was about time for me to come back. Being older and concidering myself and my writing style mature enough, I will edit ALL of my older fics and I will write MANY new ones... but... this will be my YooSu Special from me to you. I will put all these together in a paperback edition and I am going to sell it in low, logical prices. Of course the price will depend on how much it will cost me to make them paperback editions but I don't think it will be expensive.

P.S There will be lots of extra surprises for all my YooSu friends in these packages! You guys can't imagine what I am planning for you! I love you all and I miss you all~

Please tell me your opinion about the idea! You guys are my motive in everything I do when it comes to YooSu. Your sweet comments after so many years of hiatus just make me long these days I was so active. I need this back in my life and I need all of you!
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